Aftermath-proofed-30-40-240dpi-2-22-17  Summer monsoon thunderstorms supply the desert with rare moisture to sustain the life in the region. The picture shows the beauty after one such deluge.   White Pocket, Arizona. Tranquility  Like in a nature-built “Stonehenge,” around equinox the surrounding landscape and the sun align for special selective light that separates the main elements in the picture – the pine tree, the white cross-bedding, and the majestic, colorful monolith in the background.  White Pocket, Arizona. Resurrection1  If a rock had a soul, this is what would remain of it long after it had died. The skeleton is formed by sandstone hardened by iron oxides deposited into cracks in the ground eons ago. After the softer sandstone weathered out, we are left to admire the delicate and impossible three-dimensional structure of a lace rock. The sun bursting from the narrow opening is seemingly granting the lace rock a new life. Resurrection.
Connection French-Bakery-small Defying-the-odds
Alcove-proofed-30-45-240dpi-2-22-17 Check-Mate-proofed-30-45-240dpi-2-22-17 Rising-Dragon
RT-starburst Orphan  Slot canyon walls protect an orphaned tumbleweed, while the plant gratefully enlivens an otherwise barren opening in the ground. The gentle glow of reflected light is due to light bouncing off the walls multiple times as the sun works hard to penetrate into the slot.  Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona. swirl
Convergence  Like its own tombstone, a lace rock boldly breaks the leading lines of fragile layers that happen to converge with the cloud lines. The rising sun accentuates the grooves in ancient sedimentary deposits of alternating red and white stripes.  Picture taken a few hours after a total lunar eclipse at the North Coyote Buttes in Arizona. Balance In-the-groove
Mesa-Arch-small Perspective  A unique view of a famous sandstone formation called The Wave. While the Wave consists of smooth and curvy striations, the strong leading lines in this photograph taken from the ground intentionally portray it as angular and linear resulting into an intense sense of perspective. The rocks on the ground have a sandstone core covered by a thin but heavy layer of iron-rich minerals.  The Wave, Coyote Buttes North, Arizona. IMG 2107
RT-sunset Tidal-Wave Awakening
Portal Stop! Sophisticated-Simplicity  Besides spectacular landscapes filled with textures with a wide palette of colors, the desert offers unusual beauty in ordinary subjects. In this picture, the artifact of the lens called vignetting is put to use to frame the shot.  North Coyote Buttes, Arizona.
peeking-buttes-03-small Gold-and-Blue Mono-Lake
Resilience Ripples-in-Time Whisps
Pocket-Mirror sand-cove Transition
Engraved eternal-flame Laserbeam
Dry-Sky Dynasty  Like a family on a stroll, Wahweap Hoodoos bask in the morning light. Pillars of entrada sandstone, the color of freshly fallen snow are capped with brown rocks that slow down the erosion of hoodoos’ stems.  Wahweap Hoodoos, Utah. Mesquite-Sunrise
Paria On-Fire Overlook
guardian-red Elusive Canvas